Studio-Produced Masterclass on Marketing

  • Exactly how the top 25% of financial advisers have 5x’d their return on ad spend

  • The 3-part email strategy that could help you get 14.31% higher open rates

  • How to keep your pipeline full by using these methods

  • Which type of campaigns “warm” prospects up the fastest

  • High converting engagement style to get more appointment requests
Presented by 
Robert Sofia
CEO, Snappy Kraken 

Key Takeaways:

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5X Your Return on Marketing Spend:
How to Move Prospects From “Cold to Gold”

Digital marketing doesn't have to be confusing.  

In this series, Snappy Kraken CEO, Robert Sofia, shares a step-by-step framework to make marketing easy, repeatable, and automated.

Whether you think marketing strategy is "over your head", or you'd like to add a few new mental models to your current approach, you'll get something useful from these short lessons.

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Bonus Downloads:

“Cold to Gold” Worksheet

Presentation Slide Deck

Lead Magnet Checklist