Are these your TOP marketing struggles?

  • Don’t want to become “marketer”
  • Don’t want to risk a huge financial investment
  • Don’t have time to produce a ton of content

Here’s How it Works

During the next 90-days (starting January 4th), we’ll be guiding you through an easy-to-follow process to build, launch, and sustain a PROVEN marketing strategy!

Don’t worry, you DON’T need to become a marketing guru

We’ll be telling you exactly what to do, when to do it, and giving you all the digital marketing material you’ll need!

Best of all? You DON’T have to create any content!



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But you DO want to:

  • Get noticed and attract new prospects
  • WOW clients
  • Experience measurable results and a strong ROI

Then this BRAND NEW, 90-Day Marketing Accelerator may be the perfect path for you to follow!

  • Build the foundation for digital marketing success 
  • Quickly and easily customize our done-for-you marketing material 
  • Launch your FIRST digital marketing campaign! 
  • Attract new prospects
  • Engage & “WOW” customers 
  • Automate your workflows
  • Sustain your PROVEN digital marketing strategy with just 1 hour per month (after you build it)

At the end of the 90-days, you’ll have the foundation of a profitable, sustainable digital marketing system helping you stand out and get noticed online!

Week 1 (Jan 4-8): Establish Your Successful Foundation 
Discover the fundamental principles for highly effective digital marketing.

Week 2 (Jan 11-15): The “Show Up Everywhere” Method
How you’ll be connecting your email, social media, and website into a high-impact power house. 

Week 3 (Jan 18-22): Simple Setup for Best Results
Setting up your social media (Facebook business, LinkedIn, and Twitter) and email following today’s best practices. 

Week 4 (Jan 25-29): Targeting the Right People 
Create the right “audiences” within your groups, contacts, and workflows to deliver the right message to the right people at the right time.

Week 5 (Feb 1-5): Client Attraction Strategy
Easy ways to select the top performing methods to attract and engage your ideal clients.


Fundamentals for Digital Marketing Success

Let's Start Prospecting

“WOW” Your Clients, Win More Business, and Scale!

Week 6 (Feb 8-12): Increasing Followers & Subscribers 
How to get more social media followers, subscribers, and new contacts added to your email list, fast.

Week 7(Feb 15-19): 

Turning Followers into Prospects Foolproof ways to nurture followers and subscribers while inviting them to book an appointment with you, the right way! 

Week 8 (Feb 22-26): Landing New Clients!
The fastest path to turn your “cold” prospects into “gold” revenue.

Week 9 (Mar 1-5): Delivering the “WOW” Experience
Powerful ways to stay top of mind and deliver delightful experiences that blow your clients away (even while you sleep).

Week 10 (Mar 8-12): The Referral Machine
The non-sleazy way to get ordinary clients to become grateful and reliable referral sources.

Week 11 (Mar 15-19): Time to Scale it Up!
The “snowball effect” begins to take place as you build momentum and amplify your reach.

Week 12 (Mar 22-26): Sustain Success - Just 1hr/Month! The hard work is done! Maintain your digital marketing momentum with as little as one hour per month.

What's Included?

  • Unlimited access to the entire Snappy Kraken platform filled with $500,000 worth of digital marketing campaigns 90-Day group coaching experience 

  • Weekly Workshops (at convenient times, plus access to all workshop recordings)

  • Ability to book a 1-on-1 Strategy Consultation any time you need personalized assistance

  • Access to Support Specialists 

  • Access to LIVE Chat

  • On-demand access to our brand new Success Center 

  • On demand video trainings

  • Access to our Knowledge Library

  • Built-in accountability! We have an internal bell that “rings” if we see that you’re not active so we can reach out and help

  • NEW campaigns added every month

  • PLUS…. You’ll keep access to EVERYTHING when the 90-Day Marketing Accelerator is complete (if you wish to continue)

*Use Snappy Kraken for 12 months and watch your business grow. If you are unsatisfied with your results after following our program for a year, tell us what you think Snappy Kraken was worth and we’ll write you a check for the difference.*

Hurry, Space is Limited to Only 400 Members!

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You’ll be given simple, step-by-step instructions to:

Starts January 4th! 
Registration Deadline: December 18th

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Then 3 Low Monthly Payments of Just $227 Starting January 1, 2021

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Join Risk-Free and Get Early Access!

Starts January 4th! 
Registration Deadline: December 18th

Register Now For Just $1! 
Then 3 Low Monthly Payments of Just $227 Starting January 1, 2021

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🤝 Attract new prospects

🤝 Earn new business

🤝 Grow relationships

The 90-Day Marketing Accelerator

“We increased social media & client communications by 300% using Snappy Kraken!”

Nina O’Neal
Investment Advisor, Partner
Archer Investment Management

“We run Snappy campaigns every month and love the ability to customize the content with email marketing and social posts. The FINRA letter also makes it a breeze to get it through our compliance review."

Victor Gaxiola
Co-Founder and Head of Marketing
TechGirl Financial

“Snappy Kraken has provided great value by supplying timely content during tumultuous times that demanded over the top communication with my clients and centers of influence. Snappy Kraken not only provides great content that is customizable, there is a plan to guide readers to an opportunity to take action to get the help they need. The Success Team at Snappy Kraken has been very pleasant and accessible during the learning curve and implementation steps. They are great folks to work with, and you can see they care about your success.”

Cleve Gantt, CFP
Founder & CEO, Certified Financial Planner
Gantt Financial Advisors

You need a quick fix.
We don’t promise hope like “instant hot leads” or “10x your biz tomorrow”. Sustainable results take time.

You can’t invest one hour per month into your marketing.
We’ll save you hundreds of hours, but you still have to invest in the process.

You want 100% creative control.

Our campaigns are methodically engineered and multi-split-tested to ensure maximum results.

ou want to customize everything.
We give you the right amount of personalization, but we limit certain modifications so performance doesn’t suffer.

The 90-Day Marketing Accelerator is RIGHT for you if…

You demand quality.
You’re tired of canned, bland, and random marketing content that doesn’t work.

You know the value of your time.
You’re a great financial adviser, but marketing takes too much time or frustrates you.

You care about meaningful connection.
You know you can’t serve everyone, but you’re committed to lasting relationships with ideal clients.

You see the big picture.
You understand that marketing isn’t just about lead gens. It’s about awareness, nurturing, and ongoing engagement.

The 90-Day Marketing Accelerator is NOT RIGHT for you if…

Includes everything you need to create an automated pipeline to…

🤝 Attract new prospects

🤝 Earn new business

🤝 Grow relationships

Start now at a remarkably low rate inside the 90-Day Marketing Accelerator!

Results Guaranteed*!

Space is Limited to Only 400 Members!

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Results Guaranteed*!

Includes everything you need to create an automated pipeline to…

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Struggling to go from “face to face” business development to the online world?

We’ll Help You Adapt Your Natural Relationship-Building Skills Into Our Proven 
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